Winning a bouquet of laurels and awards becomes a testimony and acknowledgement of excellence. This being our first film that attracted numerous awards is a message to our audience that ‘We’ have arrived. 'Rangkarmi' has been a fantastic opportunity for us, and the recognition makes our hard work more worthwhile. We are a team driven by passion and creativity, and we strongly believe in applying a detail-oriented approach to filmmaking. As a result, the final product comes out beautifully supported with innovative storytelling qualities which holds strong essence of cinematography towards capturing audience's imagination.

Thank you! Our conviction and belief in our team work has just emerged stronger.


“Stories that are expressed from heart is bound to strike a chord with the hearts of audience.”

This is the philosophy that drives our rich story-telling capabilities under the dynamic leadership of Shashi and Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal. Shashi Sumeet Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd. is the brainchild of the duo and an off-shoot of the expansion of their creative horizons with a shared dream to foray in the film-making business.

In 2013, we joined hands with a bunch of creative talents who shared our passion for converting great ideas into entertaining larger-than-life dramas. With a strong desire to produce a movie in-house, and pay a tribute to Mumbai - the city of dreams and dream merchants; Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal envisioned a Marathi feature film ‘Rangkarmi’ – a heart-warming tale depicting the lives of unsung heroes behind the scenes of the stage and the screen; spun using an actor’s relationship with his make-up artist.

With 'Rangkarmi', Shashi Sumeet Motion Pictures Private Limited has embarked on a journey, to craft a visually dramatic experience for the larger screen. We work in a varied range of budgets and genres. As a creative film production house, we are here to create, develop and produce original feature films that are visually dramatic and intellectually meaningful.

Clutching critical acclaim, box-office success, numerous nominations and over a dozen of awards, Shashi Sumeet Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd aims to wow the global audiences with powerful dramatisation of socially relevant and meaningful stories that send a quiver through the heart.

Wish to join this journey?   


We love what we do, and this passion is visible in every work we undertake.

Standing true to our philosophy, our feature films like Rangkarmi, will always be made to receive acclaim, and perhaps feted too. It is our pleasure to be evaluated by critics, intelligentsia and the masses who will throng the theatres to peruse and enjoy our presentation.

It isn't about News or Awards; it’s about stirring emotions and espousing a cause through film-making. The feedback from well-meaning movie-goers makes us strive harder to create and multiply our offerings.


We are ever willing to listen, meet and break bread with creative talents.

Shashi Sumeet Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd. aims to make films on an individual basis with an emphasis on possessing a portfolio of quality films. We are interested in original stories with strong voices and unique perspectives. Actually we are always ready to be enthused by projects that break away from the typical and introduce to the audiences, exciting new characters and worlds.

Shashi Sumeet Motion Pictures business connects as an integrated model of creative development, excellent production, innovative marketing and distribution across the spectrum of audience, critics and connoisseurs.

With a firm belief in our Group’s Brand Mantra, we aim to aggressively Imagine and ideate, continue to Innovate by adding a pep of diversified array and Inspire generations to come with our story-telling and film-making expertise.

If you have ideas, if you wish to cast, if you are looking for co-production or wish to simply know more, please feel free to connect with us anytime.

At Shashi Sumeet Motion Pictures Pvt. Lt.d, we look forward to hearing from you always!


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